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Property management is not about finding a right tenant. Rather, it is to be maintained in its most attractive way by keeping it clean and beautiful all over. This is where professional keeping firms have come to help you out. No property is beautiful in its true sense without the right cleanliness, maintained by professionals.

Be it floor, lawn, garden, cellar, terrace, banquet halls and other areas are to be kept very clean to make it things better all the time. After contemplating the need of cleanliness to all the properties, 9Star Agency Cleaning Services has come up with experts in industry to have good ambience at your premises.

9Star Agency Cleaning Services has seen 10 years in industry and has been helping many organizations to have clean environment with our team. The reason for hiring professional housekeeping by companies is that we have proper equipment and machinery which can show stunning results for your desired offices or houses.

There is a wrong notion among people that housekeeping services will be more expansive and you can't afford it. If you are under the same impression, you are wrong. 9Star Agency Cleaning Services is very economical and apply cost-cutting strategies to clients. Although, we started our services in Hyderabad, we have been working for clients all over India.

We got enough experience in housekeeping with unprecedented number of companies. For last 10, we are part of many successful firms in the market and offering services 24/7 to our valued-clients. Each and every day, the list of customers is growing for our transparent services.

We have qualified team to offer Hygienic services. We adapt advanced cleaning technologies for offering standard services by trained professionals. We are well trained, well equipped with State Of Art Machinery for all cleaning purposes.

9 Star Agency

Our Team

We have a dedicated team who got trained rigorously under professionals. Since recruitment is a process, we always get people who are qualified and sincere towards work. We never appoint people for the name sake rather; we look into strong will towards work. We maintain personal relationship with each and every employee by good rapport and harmony. We would never think of hierarchy, rather, we focus on team work which is key aspect in achieving work targets.

» Proprietor: P. SHAIK SHAVALI

» Operation Head : P. SHAIK SHAVALI

» Field Officer : M. NARASIMHA

» Administration & HR : D. RAGINI REDDY

» Finance & Accounts : R. KRISHNA MURTHY

» General clerk : K. SATYANARAYANA

9 Star Agency


9Star Agency Cleaning Services offers quality services which would make your premises sparkle. Whatever the company it may be and wherever it is located, we provide required cleaning staff for clients. You would never feel that there is a shortage of staff at your organization for maintaining cleanliness. If you are looking forward to extra services, we will arrange as per the requirement. Once you associate with us, we play pivotal role and turn to be part of your company for your safety, health and environment policies. We are committed to cater flawless services. Hence, we put maximum efforts to combine the best manpower skills and technology to meet the needs of customers around the clock. We always strictly adhere to international standards.

9 Star Agency


We provide housekeeping services both for big and not-so-big companies in and around Hyderabad. We choose people who are expert in cleaning with machineries that are designed with sophisticated technology.

» IT industries
» Commercial complexes
» Hospitals
» Colleges
» Schools
» Guest houses
» Shopping malls go-downs
» Institutes
» Showrooms
» Banks

9 Star Agency

Carpet cleaning

Is carpet cleaning important?

Many neglect carpet cleaning but it is important to make it spotless and get rid of all the dust in it. We have professionals to clean and make it stainless effectively. Cleaning of the carpet can help for a long life. We know that once you do not consider carpet cleaning, pet danger, pollen, dust and mildew can endanger your health. In order to maintain healthy, one has to consider carpet cleaning.

• Chair Cleaning
• Chair Shampooing
• carpet shampooing
• Vacuuming

9 Star Agency


Unlike other cleaning approaches, gardening is quite different. Garden clean up can prevent pests, diseases and weed seeds. Once you ignore gardening, you find causing many problems especially during summer and winter. Since everybody spends quality time with family and friends at garden, we can make it clean and beautiful. We can look into areas like Gardening maintenance, tree plantation, tree transplanting, procuring of plants and developing landscape.

9 Star Agency

Pest Controlling

Domestic pests, such as roaches, bed bugs and flies will make lot of trouble and all of us will feel discomfort. In fact, these insects multiply at fast pace and they reach eatable wherever you keep in the house. So, they contaminate food which leads to many infections and health issues to you and your children. That's why we provide pest control, bird control, rodent control and many other things to keep them away from your house.

9 Star Agency

Our work plan

Daily Services

Sweeping and mopping

Dry cleaning for furniture, wooden chairs, doors, glass doors, tables, windows, window glasses, wall hangings and also all sorts of carpets are cleaned.

Round the clock, sweeping and mopping services provided to hospitals and 24/7 companies.


Every week, removing cobwebs from ceiling area,
Upholstery cleaning of carpet
Scrubbing for toilet floors and tiles
Scrubbing for cafeteria floor
24/7 toilet cleaning facility
All marks are cleaned
A C Grills and lights
These all activities will be monitored by supervisor who got enough experience in housekeeping

9 Star Agency

Why Us

You might come across huge number of companies who is offering housekeeping services in and around Hyderabad but many business owners and individuals have evinced interest in us as we would never look into money matter and deliver the best for valued customers 24/7. Our trueness and single-minded approach is the best quality that helped us to stand in the market and ahead of our competitors.

9 Star Agency


9Star Agency provides a challenging work atmosphere where the individuals are nurtured into leaders. We always value and consider innovation, integrity and commitment from people who want to join with us.

9 Star Agency


9 Star Agency

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